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April 2024

2024 – a tricky year ahead?

A warm welcome to our first newsletter of 2024, and it honestly feels like minutes ago that I was sending you our December 2023 newsletter. 

At this point already in 2024, we are all only too aware that a General Election is on the cards, and that our economy is still facing many challenges. Both of these events can create uncertainty.

Interest rates remain high, and economic growth prospects are not as plentiful as we might have hoped. Spending cuts are needed at the same time as investment and growth is needed.

There is no doubt that the next sitting of parliament could be very challenging indeed for the elected government.

What does this mean for the property market?

Savills UK report that house prices grew by 0.7% in February, taking annual growth to 1.2%. Mortgage lenders are still cautious as the economic situation remains uncertainAnd there are still noticeable differences in regional house prices. 

However overall, property investment in the UK remains an attractive option in 2024. It offers the potential for long-term growth through capital gains and rental income, while the ability to leverage tax benefits can enhance returns.

I’m pleased to report that our own property project is nearing an end, and our property renovation in Sawbridgeworth is almost complete. I never lose the excitement of seeing renovations finished and a new home created!

I hope you’ve had a successful start to 2024 and remember, our team is always on hand to advise, so do pick up the phone if you need a chat.

If you have any topics you’d like us to feature or discuss, please let us know  – just pop me an email to lesley@slrwealth.com.

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