Your Questions Answered

Q. Are SLR able to offer me financial advice?

A: Unfortunately not. SLR Wealth Services can share options to suit your circumstances, but we are not a regulated financial services provider and therefore are not able to offer advice. We always recommend that clients seek independent financial advice and we work very closely with trusted authorised partners who we refer our clients to.

Q. How do you select your partners?

A: We have been working in the financial sector for many years and have formed strong relationships with individuals and companies that have a reputable track history and whom we trust to look after our clients, friends and families as securely as we do.

Q. How does the free consultation work?

A: This is your chance to talk to us, with no obligation at all, to explain what you need and let us show you the ways that we and our partners can help.  We’re happy to meet with you, or to speak on the phone – at your convenience.

Q. Is my personal data safe with SLR Wealth?

A: Yes we follow rules under the Data Protection Act 1998 and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).  We will only share your data with third parties, such as product providers/business partners, with your permission.  All data is held securely and regular backups are taken of the electronic data and held off site.  All feasible security measures are in place and once the information is no longer relevant to the organisation, it is destroyed securely.

Q. Are SLR able to find me a mortgage?

A: We will refer to you our trusted mortgage broker who has been advising our clients on their lending options for over 7 years.

Q. How am I able to invest into a product through SLR?

A: We can share investment ideas with you and introduce you to product providers we have been working with for over 7 years.  These providers do not work directly with the public, only through vetted consultants like ourselves and specialist Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) on an ‘invitation only’ basis.

Q. Can you help with investments which provide income?

A: Yes our product providers offer fixed term, income generating investments.

Q. Are SLR able to help me with my pensions?

A: Although not authorised to give advice on pensions we will refer you to our specialist retirement planners who advise our clients on the pension route that best suits their needs. They also ensure those plans are kept on track through yearly reviews.

Q. If there are no consultation fees, how do the consultants at SLR Wealth get paid?

A: Our business partners offer us a marketing fee for business introduced which we accept only if it is not detrimental to the client.