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Is your ISA worth the investment?

ISA holders are being warned that they need to take action, following new analysis into the interest rates offered on these types of bank accounts. So what does it mean? The Express investigates further.  #SLRWealth #Savings #Wealth ...

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Have you got missing pensions?

According to research, 1 in 4 people aged 55 or under believe they have  some missing pensions. So for them, and for you, here are some tips on how to find your pensions from years ago and claim them.  #SLRWealth #finance #retirement #pension

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State Pension

After a decade of increases in the qualifying age for the benefit, men and women in the UK will now have to wait until they reach 66 to draw their state pension. Here is a recent article explaining this. With each year there are tweaks to the pension regulations and...

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Stamp Duty Holiday

The current stamp duty holiday provides a window of opportunity, especially for those beginning property investment as it minimises upfront costs. Here are some tips to kickstart your property investment portfolio. #SLRWealth #property #investment

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How do you decide where to invest your money?

When it comes to deciding where to invest your money, the process can be complicated. With so many different ways to divide your money, it can be challenging to choose. So where exactly should you invest your money? Have a read of this article to get some ideas...

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Should you have a home office?

A home office in a dedicated room apparently adds £17,500 to the value of a property. A recent survey found that 73% of potential buyers now say a dedicated home office adds significantly to the desirability of a property… #SLRWealth  #property Look at this article...

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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of dividing the money in your investment portfolio among stocks, bonds and cash. Done right, it can safeguard your money and maximize growth potential, regardless of market conditions.  Look at this article for more information....

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State Pension Age

The State Pension age in the UK is soon to be 66 and anticipated to continue rising. New research has compared the current UK state pension age to other countries around the world.  #SLRWealth #finance #retirement #pension Look at this article for more information.

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Is it time to purchase overseas?

Recent data shows that as the government are easing travel restrictions to various destinations, the demand for overseas property is at an all time high, with searches for property in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy on the rise. Read this article in Propertywire.com...

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