We have sound knowledge and experience of pension planning and options from working in the financial services industry, as well as from personal experience.

We appreciate how important it is to speak to the right people about your retirement, it can be life changing if you don’t.

It’s equally as important to have your plans reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure you’re on track for a comfortable retirement.

At SLR Wealth we are not authorised or licensed to give advice on pensions, however we work very closely with regulated partners who specialise in retirement planning and have a reputable history of reviewing our clients’ needs on a regular basis.

I had my first consultation with SLR Wealth Services Limited, (at that time called SLR Investment Consultants) nearly 2 years ago.  I was surprised and very pleased at what a comfortable experience this was.  No hard sell, no jargon, no pushing me to make a decision – just a comfortable chat over a cup of tea with plenty of time for me to ask questions, and I was a complete beginner to investing, so had lots of questions. All my questions were answered and SLR left me some information to go through at my own pace.  It was left up to me to decide if I wanted to get in touch and either chat more, or make an investment.  There was absolutely no pressure. I did decide to invest, and am so pleased I did.  Every transaction happened exactly as I had been told it would – the interest was paid on the date specified in the contract, and my capital was returned on the due date. I have now made a few investments through SLR since that first meeting.  Every one of them has been trouble free, with all moneys received exactly as I expected.  I have also declined some that I felt were ‘not for me’.  As always there is no pressure and my views are respected. I also recommended SLR to my best friend and she is, I am glad to say, also happy with her investing experience.