Anthropologist David Graeber writes in his award winning book ‘Debt: The First 5000 Years’ that trade started with debt (the promise to pay later for already handed over goods) around 3500 BC, with coinage not being invented until about 2,900 years later.

However although debt, it would seem, helps the world to trade and has done for thousands of years, at SLR Wealth we rarely meet anyone who is 100% comfortable with their liabilities.  In most cases though it is a necessary option to allow us the lifestyle we choose.
If managed correctly, lending/raising finance, can be a major asset and investment in our journey to build our wealth and secure our financial future.

As with any aspect of our financial situation, lending/debt needs to be reviewed on a regular basis and at SLR Wealth we ensure our clients are speaking to the right people, authorised, experienced and reputable in helping to reduce the cost and risk of debt.

I have been happy with the service that SLR Investment Consultants have provided me with regarding various investments I have acquired. I have received the returns I was expecting on time. Over a period of time I have built up trust with the knowledge and information the company have provided to me and would be happy to recommend them.